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NOTE about BerliOS links

The BerliOS developer website has been shut down a few weeks ago. The project page, downloads, and Git repository, mailing lists (including former subscribers, and archives back to 2004) are now hosted on SourceForge.
Please refer to the sourceforge-hosted project page of fetchmail's.

Fetchmail source code repository

Fetchmail is currently managed with Git in a repository hosted by GitLab, and by Sourceforge. Please see or for details.

Mirror of the official fetchmail website

Click here to go to the mirror of the official fetchmail website.

Fetchmail security information

Fetchmail 7.0.0-alpha5 preview version

fetchmail-7.0.0-alpha5.tar.xz * GnuPG signature (detached ASCII armor)
read these changes in 7.0.0-alpha*

Please report all troubles you find in this version to the mailing list.

As any free software, this comes without warranty - use at your own risk!

Fetchmail 6.3.26 release

fetchmail-6.3.26.tar.bz2 * GnuPG signature
fetchmail-6.3.26.tar.xz * GnuPG signature
changes since 6.0.0

As any free software, this comes without warranty - use at your own risk!

Fetchmail patches

This web site collects a few older patches on top of fetchmail package. If used, they must be applied in order shown, on top of fetchmail 6.2.5

  1. Sunil Shetye's feature patch: fetchmail-6.2.5-ss1.patch
  2. My bugfix patch: fetchmail-6.2.5-ss1-ma3.patch

These patches add a new handling for UID files and improve UIDL handling for POP3 and IMAP, with Sunil's Fast UIDL mode that now works outside daemon mode as well. It will erase your old ~/.fetchids file on first run and save the UIDs to files in a ~/.fetchmail directory instead.

I also have a helper script to revert the new .fetchmail/*-* ID files to the old .fetchids format. It requires Perl and is named

Fetchmail Subversion archive

Fetchmail has been converted to a Git repository on 2010-02-06. I keep an archive of the former server-side Subversion repository as a ~10 MB .tar.xz file here:
fetchmail.svnrepo.backup.tar.xz * [GnuPG signature]

Matthias Andree