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Project group and seminar

For questions about the individual project groups / seminars please contact the respective supervisor or the .

Coming group project 

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Current group project 

Development, implementation and bulding if modern diagnostic methods for the electrical vehicle system (SS 2016)

What happens if an error occurs in a electrical vehicle system? dysfunction? perturbation? accident? How can changes be reliably detected in a electrical vehicle system and which appropriate action should be launched?
All those questions should be answered in the group project in summer semester 2016!

If we will take in consideration the new development in the field „autonomous driving“,we notice that the reliability, controllability and monitoring of the entire board system occupy a central place. The main focus is on the monitoring of the electrical system and battery as a central component. In vehicles already existing data,that should be collected in the future and analyzed by intelligent algorithms so that problems can be detected early. The group project takes palce as part of cooperation between the dapartment of Bordsysteme and the Datentechnik department .
The handling of the issues can be divided into the following topics:

electrical Vehicle system Diagnostic

The whole board systems of the vehicle electrical system is represented with its user and the line network. After that the consideration has been given to the topology and the potentiel errors conditions, models can be developed for a suitable simulation enviromnent and be tested in diagnostic-algorithms. Diferrent approaches for controlling should be implemented and tested. Some approaches are for example Error detection method using neural networks, Condition-Based Modelling or Unknown Input Observer. For the regonized errors are short circuits, Cable bridge, electrical arcs, creeping short circuits (Isolation fatigue) and contact retainer. It begun with a simple errors conditions and topologies and progressive it increases the requirements of the developed algorithms.

Battery Diagnostic

As a second part of the whole board systems of the vehicle electrical system, Battery are represented. In this field, the equivalent cicuit diagram of the battery will be interpreted as electrical network and it will be connected to the board system. At the end, the classified and evaluated methods should be tested. The tests begin with a single 3,3V LiFePO4 cell and will be extended to a larger cell.

Build / extension of a demonstrator and validation of algorithms
The developed topologies are built in the laboratory and therefore the algorithms are tested on a hardware-demonstrator. The first flexible electrical Vehicle system demonstrator is available, which will be expanded under the project.
For the  data transfer, a communication bus system has to be built. The measured values by users will be only determined by the local microcontrollers and via CAN will be sended to a central computer. The central computer uses the Diagnostic-algorithms and provides the Diagnostic of vehicle electrical system.

Supervisor: Marian Felder

Completed group project

  • WS13/14: RF-Smartplex Begins: Erweiterung eines transparenten RFID Readers
  • SS13: RF-Smartplex: Entwicklung eines transparenten RFID Readers
  • Auf dem Weg zum intelligenten Auto: Entwicklung eines GPS-gestützten Fahrerassistenzsystems auf Basis einer Mobilfunkplattform
  • Lärmunterdrückung mit Hilfe adaptiver Algorithmen
  • Networks and Structures for Mobile Home Services (NESTOR)
  • Entwicklung eines IP-Telefons II (AKA: "IPFon - reloaded"... :-)
  • Prototypenentwicklung eines Bluetooth-Thermometers
  • Entwicklung eines IP-Telefons

Seminar offers

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