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Dr.-Ing. Tharwat Morsy

Dr.-Ing. Tharwat Morsy Photo of Dr.-Ing. Tharwat Morsy


Convex optimization for detection in structured communication problems
2012, [Link]


Mai 1996                                     B.Sc. Computer Science, Suez Canal University, Ägypten
Okt. 1999 bis Jul. 2003             M.Sc. Pure Mathematics and Operations Researches, Suez Canal University, Ägypten
Jul. 2003 to Jul. 2007                ICTP Trainer , Suez Canal University, Ägypten
April 2008 to Dec. 2012           Wissenschaftl. Mitarbeiter, Arbeitsgebiet Datentechnik, TU Dortmund


  • Convex Programming Algorithms in Structured Communication Problems.



6 results


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